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 2015 Board of Directors

Kay Rathfelder, PMP
Kay has been a Project Management Professional (PMP) and member of PMI since 2004.  Before moving to southern
California in 2010 she was a member of the Sacramento Valley Chapter as a volunteer for the Marketing Team.  She has
served the LA Chapter for the past 4 years in a variety of volunteer positions – sending out the weekly eblasts for
communications; as VP of Admin supporting the Board of Directors; as VP of Communications keeping the website
refreshed each week, and overseeing a team on surveys, social media, SharePoint, etc.  She also instigated the Chapter
Satisfaction Survey which was distributed personally to each satellite location.  The feedback received was reviewed by the
Board and has helped focus Chapter offerings more closely align to our member requirements. Her current role as VP of
Strategy has been to oversee the Tactical Plan and review the Strategic Plan with the Board, Trustees and key volunteers at
the mid-year workshop; and help with the 40th Anniversary event.   Kay is currently a Senior Project Manager with a large
utility company in Southern California leading virtual project teams.  Prior to her current role, she was with Hewlett
Packard for 16 years and has additional experience in supply chain, logistics, materials and planning.  Kay has successfully
delivered projects across the Americas, and also led worldwide new product introductions in Europe and Singapore. 

Her goal as President is to:

  • Continue to offer member value and build on the strong foundations of the Chapter
  • Develop the next phase of our strategic plan, with inputs from volunteers & members
  • Increase our community and academic outreach
  • And strive to meet our vision - to be a benchmark for other PMI Chapters!

Vice President of Strategy / President-Elect
Keith Birch, CSM


A member at PMI-LA since July 2012, and have been a volunteer since August of 2012. I opened the Valencia meeting
site in October 2012. In February 2013 I was asked to take over the flagship meeting in Culver City, I engaged vendors
to offset the increase in menu prices to our members. I was appointed Associate VP of Programs. I was given the
ultimate honor to be nominated to the board in 2013.

Taken over as the VP of Administration-Operations/Secretary in Jan 2014. My major accomplishment was to put on the
Career Development Fair. We put up an event, which helped our members who were in the market. We had over 6 different
speakers with 4 specialized workshops. Many leading companies sponsored this workshop. This allowed us to serve our
members, by giving them great speakers and keeping costs down to a minimum.

I have also been on the organizing committee for the Society of Systems Engineers Research for their conference in
March 2013. It was an opportunity with CESER to partner with PMI-LA Leadership, and I was asked to be on their
committee when they have the next conference in 2017. 

My role in PMI-LA is to provide value and service for our members. Teamwork and collaboration is the key to provide
value and service to our members. If there is a need to serve our members, I always step up and take on that task. From
helping start a new meeting site in Burbank, doing the new member orientation, or stepping to hosting the flagship
dinner meeting in Culver City, to speaking at satellite sites when speakers drop out Coordinating and organizing a
Health Care Workshop, doing the Speaker Series in Long Beach. I do all of these, not because it is in my job
description, I do it because our members will benefit from my action!

The position of VP of Strategy is a role, which I have the experience, having worked in various positions as a volunteer
at PMI-LA and having worked as Senior Operational Leader, leading a group of 137 employee, with a budget of over
$8.7 Million annual turnover. I understand the needs of the membership and I will provide them the direction and
leadership, which ensure that the profession of a Project Manager stays strong and relevant.


Vice President of Finance
 Jonathan Hicks, MBA, PMP
Jon Hicks (med)

Jon Hicks has been leading projects for over 15 years with a variety of groups, primarily for non-profit and educational
institutions. He has an MBA with concentrations in Project Management and Organizational Dynamics. He received his
PMP credential in July 2013.

Jon has been writing budgets and exercising financial controls since he was a pre-teen. After college, his talents for
communication and improving systems served him well as a Project Manager for the Peace Corps in West Africa.
Managing time and scope in three languages was often difficult, but luckily money and math are universal. He is now a
Budget Analyst for UCLA Extension where he provides complete budgeting, financial analysis, accounting, and reporting
for $9 million annually.

The value of education and personal development is central to his life. He has volunteered extensively for several
educational institutions. At Mount St. Mary's he serves as technical adviser and guest lecturer for the Project Management
concentration. He also helps develop the curriculum and lecture materials. He created the website for Daniel Pearl Magnet
High School, serves as their webmaster, and participates on the school's Leadership Council.

As the VP of Finance for 2014, Jon will lead the Finance team and work with PMI-LA volunteers to:

  • Process all financial transactions in a timely manner
  • Maintain accurate financial records for the Chapter
  • Ensure compliance with Chapter by-laws and PMI regulations
  • Report on the financial health of PMI-LA
  • Support the other Board members in their work to serve our Chapter and further the field of Project Management

Vice President of Programs
Shirley Douglass, PMP, CSM

Shirley Douglass, PMP, CSM, has been a member and active volunteer with PMI-LA since 2010 serving multiple areas
(Programs, Communications, Professional Development, Administration, and Strategy).  In her first year with the
Programs team, she designed a mentor program matching 15 pairs.  In her second year, she increased participation to 22
pairs while also serving as the unofficial Associate Director of the Programs team.  During these first two years, Shirley
served concurrently with the Communications team as the Assistant Webmaster during the process of redesigning and
launching a new website for the Chapter.  She trained and supported other volunteers in using this new site and led the
team in posting dozens of events for member registration.  Shirley served on the Nominations Committee twice
facilitating BOD elections, participated in PMP instructor interviews/ auditions, and was the driving force in launching
the member satisfaction survey conducted in 2013.  At the same time, she launched the groundbreaking San Fernando
Valley satellite venue.  As the Director of that meeting she found a prime location at no charge to the Chapter, doubled
attendance within 4 months, grew a volunteer team of 6 people within 1 month, and became the first (and only) satellite
meeting in the 40 year history of the Chapter to secure a paying vendor.  For all her contributions, Shirley received
multiple awards from the PMI-LA Chapter.  Most notably, she was the recipient of the Charlie Lopinsky Volunteer of the
Year award in 2011 and was nominated by the Chapter for the Region 7 Volunteer of the year in 2013.

When Shirley first joined the team, Programs consisted of a main dinner meeting, a few satellites, and a book club.
 During Shirley’s tenure, the Programs team evolved to include 7 satellites, the book club, mentor program, toastmasters
group, and of course the flagship dinner meeting which moved to Culver City.  While these programs reach hundreds of
Chapter members, it’s still a small fraction of our total membership.  As the VP of Programs, Shirley’s primary focus
will be maintaining the high level of value the existing programs are providing while addressing member concerns
reported via monthly surveys.  Her secondary goal is to continue the expansion of satellite meetings in a strategic manner
opening events in under-represented areas of the Chapter.  Of course, in addition to these goals, she will work with the
BOD and volunteers to serve the Chapter’s members to the best possible extent.


Vice President of Professional Development
Nazanin Aslani, PMP

My name is Nazanin Aslani.  My professional background is in Information Technology.  In my early career I was a software
programmer/analyst  and since 1999 I have been managing other programmers/analysts developing  and maintain software
systems  for a Continuing  Education  institution.  In this position I hire, manage, lead and mentor my staff with varied
backgrounds and skill sets.    I have excellent communication skills and have ability to convey information to technical and
non-technical people.   I am conscientious, dedicated, responsible and accountable and always perform my responsibilities to
best of my ability.  I encourage constructive criticism, making improvements where needed and believe that collaborative work
is key to a successful project.  

I joined PMI and PMI Los Angeles Chapter in Oct. 2011.  I became PMP® in December 2011 and started my volunteer work
with PMI LA in January 2012 as Director of Professional Development.  I was elected VP of Professional Development in 2013
and 2014.   As VP, in collaboration with volunteers, instructors, speakers, vendors and other members of Board of Director,
I have organized valuable workshops and seminars throughout the year for our members.  In 2013, in addition to PMP® exam
and Scrum Master Certification workshops, we also offered the workshop for the latest, PMI-ACP®, for the first time.  In 2014,
in addition to offering valuable workshops to our members, we also made online workshops available on various project
management topics.  

In my capacity as Vice President of Professional Development in 2015 I would like to achieve the following goals:

1. Continue offering PMP®  exam Preparation, Scrum Master Certification and PMI-ACP®  workshops

2. Offer seminars on project management skills, tools and techniques that are of value to our members

3. Provide preparation workshops for PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBASM), the new PMI certification. 


Vice President of Marketing / Public Relations
 Jayme Truong


Working with Information Technology is Jayme Truong's most interesting career from analysis, programming,
supporting to managing projects. Her greatest satisfaction is making a positive impact on people's life with information
technology automation and assisting with improving production processes and establishing standards.

Jayme joined PMI-LA chapter to add value to her personal development and volunteer to give back. She started
with administering the Torrance satellite meeting survey, became a member of the strategic team then assisted
with the marketing team to get sponsors for the 40th Anniversary celebration on the historic Queen Mary. 

As the VP of Marketing for 2015, she will lead the Marketing team to support the President and other Board members
to serve PMI-LA. Jayme will promote project management to local government bodies, raise awareness of PMI-LA,
and obtain more sponsors.


Vice President of Membership
Kerry Plinton

My name is Kerry Plinton, and I am the new Vice President of Membership.  I have worked in the IT industry for almost
29 years.  I started in Help Desk Support, promoted to MIS Manager in both the Advertising and Entertainment industries.  
While I was working in the banking industry, I had the opportunity to transition to the PMO.  I have been a project manager
for almost 14 years.

We have all seen and witnessed the growth of the LA chapter over the last few years, and I'd like for the membership team to
continue to grow and always thinking of member value.  I truly believe that a lot of our growth came from how do we reach
out to, and retain, our members, which has allowed us to diversify our many chapter meetings and take them to the next level.  
I strongly feel that my work experience and background will continue to guide our chapter in growing our Membership within
the PMI-LA territory.

The VP of Membership position will be the 4th board position I've occupied.  Other roles have included:

  • 2008 -- Director of Communication: Our biggest goal that year was to implement a new version of the PMI-LA Website.  
    We actually implemented it on December 23rd, 2008.
  • 2009 -- Stepped down from the board and volunteered on the Communication team.  Our goal was to focus on building a
    team, so we could plan and implement PMI-LA's SharePoint site.
  • 2010 -- Director of Programs: We were happy to add two more venues for chapter members to attend.  In early 2010, we
    added the Alhambra Evening Meeting.  It took a while for this venue to grow, but with the leadership of Lee Mandley, we
    grew from one attendee to twenty, a testament to Lee.  Lee passed away in 2013.  Our Monthly Volunteer award is now
    called the Lee Mandley Monthly Volunteer Award.  The Programs team grew from 3 volunteers to 13.  In June of that year,
    we added the Breakfast Meeting at the Board of Health, in downton LA.
  • 2011 -- VP of Programs.  During this year we really focused on documentation of our processes and volunteers
    descriptions.  Our mentor program started in 2010 and continued to grow in 2011.  Our biggest success was in February of
    2011, with input from the chapter, board members and trustees, we made the decision to move to the Courtyard Marriott in
    Culver City, as our Flagship Meeting.  117 chapter members and guests attended our Kick Off Meeting.
  • 2013 -- VP of Administration/Operations
  • 2014 -- VP of Membership.  I am thrilled to be back on the board.

As VP of Membership:

  • One of my first goals is to grow our team of volunteers, so we will have representations in each of our PMI-LA Venues.  In
    doing so, we'd like to set up a membership table at each of our 8 venues (one volunteer pre location).
  • We'd like to document each of the Membertship Volunteer Descriptions, as well as update our Membership processes.
  • Continue with the monthly New Member Orientations at our Flagship venue, and also coordinate them on a quarterly basis
    at each of the 8 venues.
  • Coordination of the annual Membership Recruitment Event in January, and the Volunteer Recognition event in December.
  • Talk and network with other chapters, and see what type of activities their Membership team has coordinated and if they are
    something that will work for the LA Chapter.
I am honored to have been appointed, and to serve on the PMI-LA Board of Directors, as the Vice President of Membership and
looking forward to adding more member value to PMI-LA chapter members.

Vice President of Communications
 Shawna Camp, MBA, PMP


Thank you PMI-LA members, for voting for me for the 2015 VP Communications position!  I am honored and ecstatic
to be part of this great chapter – something that’s already great – and help make it even better!

A little bit about me – I have over 15 years of experience in the Healthcare / Life Sciences space, performing in multiple
lead roles in Project Management and Business Analysis, representing both IT and Business side functional areas.  I
have an MBA in Project Management, and a B.S. in IT, Computer Systems, and as a Program Manager at a leading
healthcare organization, I am highly skilled at strategically applying the right mix and balance of people, process, and
technology to successfully achieve and exceed targeted goals and benefits.  I also teach part-time online and on site
classes in Project Management and Business Analysis for UC Extension certification programs.  My past PMI volunteer
experience includes PMP exam prep instructor, Newsletter Editor & Team Lead, Communications Director, and
Communications VP for the PMI California Central Coast Chapter.

Since my last PMI chapter volunteer position, over the last few years, I’ve gained even more valuable lessons learned,
skills, and knowledge.  I know I have a lot to offer and contribute, and have enjoyed what PMI-LA has done so far.  And
I look forward to working with our volunteer teams at PMI LA, especially our already excellent Comm Team!

Goals for the Position & the Chapter Comm Team:

  • Keep what’s working well, working well in Communications
  • Identify opportunities for Comm process improvements (what’s not  working as well as it could be)
  • Identify new possibilities for Communications -- new, in-scope project opportunities for tech enhancements, or even
    possible new capabilities for technology
  • Prioritize all of the above with the Board of Directors (BOD) to plan/execute top operations priorities and top
    initiatives for Communications for 2015
  • Initiate, monitor/control (and report regularly) the execution of all above BOD determined priorities, until
  • Build, develop, and grow a Comm Team that is awesome, loves what they do in adding value to our members, and
    has fun together!

Vice President of Administration / Operations
Justin Gough, PMP, MBA

Justin has been a member of PMI-LA since April of 2013, and served as Associat Vice President (AVP) of Programs from
April to December of 2014.  During his time as AVP of Programs, Justin assisted the Vice President of Programs, Dennis
Chang, in establishing the Programs Webteam, establishing the PMI-LA Expert Advisory Panel, and in caring for the needs
of the various chapter meetings and Programs Team volunteers.

Justin is currently a Project Manager with 13+ years of leadership and management experience in the military and in the
construction industry.  Along with his PMP certification, he holds a Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt from Purdue University.  
He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California
and a Masters of Business Administration (Finance Concentration) from Pepperdine University.

The role of Vice President of Administration / Secretary is integral to the successful operation and organization of the
Chapter as a whole.  The Vice President of Administration / Secretary must properly maintain the Chapter records, legal and
internal documents, contracts, facilities, and assets.  In addition to performing these vital tasks, Justin will lead the
Administration Office and work with the 2015 PMI-LA Board of Directors and key volunteers to:

  1. Perform a thorough review and update of the PMI-LA Chapter Bylaws, last performed and adopted in 2010.
  2. Partner with the Vice President of Strategy and the PMI-LA PMO to complete the Chapter Operations Manual.
  3. Grow the Administration Office into a powerhouse platform of support to the BoD and the Chapter.

Past President
Jerry Wang, PMP