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AITP | Virtual Wine and Cheese Tech Talk: Post-Covid Evolution/ Transformation

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Date: Thursday,  August 26, 2021

TIME: 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (Pacific time) -- Virtual Wine and Cheese Networking

PLACE: Virtual via ZOOM wherever your connection is good.

FORMAT: 20 minutes intro of participants (networking), then three 20 minute discussions sequenced throughout the evening.

Cost: FREE for all with Advance Registration

AITP-LA Virtual Wine and Cheese – August 26th

Post-Covid Evolution/ Transformation

We’ll be holding AITP–LA’s Second Virtual Wine and Cheese / TechChat event on Thursday, August 26th. Lively conversation / sharing of ideas about technology and our Post-Covid lifestyles. Great networking plus a positive learning experience.

So adjust your laptop/ headphones, get comfortable, and be ready to entertain and be entertained. While enjoying your favorite wine and cheese or other preferred sustenance.

FORMAT: 20 minutes intro of participants (networking), then three 20 minute discussions sequenced throughout the evening.

During the introductions if you choose, you'll have an opportunity to give a "one minute elevator pitch" about yourself and your ideas.



We'll have stimulating topics using some simple guidelines: Let's keep our discussion professional and the topics fun.

The New Office – Your preferred hardware / software environment for working from home. How you've overcome hurdles when working virtually. Are you leveraging remote learning to build skills?

Post-Covid Transformation - What is your evolving workplace policy -- return to office or work from home? How do you feel about it? What is the good that happened from Covid? What will you continue? Better work-life balance?

Managing virtual teams -- Are there new challenges? Projects organized differently? More communications/ Zoom meetings?

Cloud-based and Decentralized Services – Shared computing -- donating your PC's spare processing power. The emergence of blockchain applications to assign tasks, validate processing. What are your thoughts?

Technology innovations – 3D printers, photos, videos, cameras, and software -- do you have any secrets or insights to share? What's next?

Money matters -- price inflation, housing and stock markets. Bubble or the new normal? Share your thoughts on prices and future directions.


During the event you'll have the option of enjoying structured discussion in a Breakout room or exiting to an unstructured Open Session.

GROUND RULES: Keep it positive. Avoid political discussions. Nerdy is fine and earth-changing is okay -- the goal is stimulating, interesting discussion.



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