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Lee Mandley Volunteer of the Month: August 2020

Volunteer of the Month

Farrokh Shoar, PMP

Farrokh has been engaging very good speakers for the monthly Pasadena Morning Meeting all this year. And due to COVID-19, it has now transitioned to a virtual meeting, and Farrokh has stepped up to take the lead and grapple with the new technology. Participation has also doubled at the online meetings.

At the July Meeting, the speaker was a no-show! Farrokh was trying to contact him urgently, with no success.  While one of the long term members was talking about the Rose Parade not going ahead on January 1st, Farrokh must have been working frantically behind the scenes, and managed to secure a speaker at very short notice, complete with a presentation deck! The meeting went ahead with very little disruption to the audience of over 40 participants; and it was a very good topic.

Farrokh went "above and beyond" because it would have been very easy to say to everyone, sorry no speaker, the meeting is cancelled. But he persevered, and did not let the audience down - a true champion of customer satisfaction.

Great job and congratulations,  Farrokh!

About the Lee Mandley Volunteer of the Month Award:

Founding Director of the PMI-LA Alhambra Community Meeting located at DeVry, Lee was a Construction PM and a long-time member of the chapter.  He was the voice and liaison for the San Gabriel Valley members east of Pasadena.  Lee was the first director to institute round table discussions on interesting Project Management Topics when a speaker had to cancel at the last moment.   Since 2012, we have presented the ‘Volunteer of the Month’ award to a key volunteer who exhibits the outstanding trait of working “outside-the-box” to ensure that chapter operations are running smoothly in their area.  This award was renamed later that year to honor Lee Mandley.


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