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Lee Mandley Volunteer of the Month - November 2020

Volunteer of the Month

Beth Sassoon

Beth is solid, dependable, smart, and she pushes the PMI-LA finance team - and PMI-LA overall - to be better. In her regular duties, Beth is responsible for accounting for all revenue on a monthly basis. She tallies, tracks, and records all event income, membership revenue, and other income for the Chapter. She meets every deadline, usually getting things done early. Beth also works hard to get things right. She takes the time to understand the process and ask questions on the front end so that she can move forward confidently. Beth is critical to the success of the PMI-LA finance team, and to PMI-LA. Sometimes Beth's questions push our team to reconsider processes, making them smarter, faster and more accurate. She has high expectations for PMI-LA and for PMI-LA's finance team, and her questioning and belief that we can do better pushes us all to be better. For example, earlier this year we reworked our process to account for event revenue. Beth's input was critical to making the process effective, and she has done an amazing job implementing the process she helped to create.

Great job and congratulations Beth!

About the Lee Mandley Volunteer of the Month Award:

Founding Director of the PMI-LA Alhambra Community Meeting located at DeVry, Lee was a Construction PM and a long-time member of the chapter.  He was the voice and liaison for the San Gabriel Valley members east of Pasadena.  Lee was the first director to institute round table discussions on interesting Project Management Topics when a speaker had to cancel at the last moment.   Since 2012, we have presented the ‘Volunteer of the Month’ award to a key volunteer who exhibits the outstanding trait of working “outside-the-box” to ensure that chapter operations are running smoothly in their area.  This award was renamed later that year to honor Lee Mandley.


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