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Training | Change your Mind ... Create New Results

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Dr. Joe Dispenza has created the content of this course “Change Your Mind …. Create New Results” which uses a dynamic combination of science, videos, and in-class practices to teach how to maximize the most powerful tool available - your brain.  You will acquire skills in:

  • How to fire and re-wire your brain to develop a more creative and innovative thinking process
  • Understanding how to access the ideal brain wave state to operate at an optimal level
  • Mental Rehearsal and using this tool to generate peak performance and success
  • Shortening your reaction time and building emotional intelligence
  • Pruning your neural networks to remove addictions to emotions of the past
  • How to establish brain and heart coherence to build resiliency and manage change effectively
  • How our thoughts and feelings create our ‘state and being’ and how this affects performance
  • Taking a scientific approach to the change process through exercises and practical tools to face change, remove resistance to change, and transform individuals, teams, and company cultures
  • The biology and chemistry of human beings in relation to their environment (team, clients, macroeconomic variables, trends, competition, market situation)
  • Identifying the brain and mind, and how they work in different scenarios: stress, learning and re-learning, decision making, focused attention, resilience and multitasking.

In this training, you will receive:

  1. Weekly private or small group sessions tailored to each individual and/or group-specific goals and desired outcomes.
  2. 80 page full-color Workbook and 95 page full-color “Genius Journal”.
  3. 10 Audio files of in-class videos and 2 meditations.
  4. Supplementary materials tailored to your specific area(s) of focus.
  5. Weekly plan of action after each session (Lifework) to advance your goals/vision.
  6. Self-mastery as you learn to build a new process of thinking, acting, and feeling that enables you to access a much greater level of your potential.

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Thank you,

Judy Hersch

NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant

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