Programs Morning Meeting | Strategies to Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills

Technical = Ways of Working
In this webinar, Jag Nagendra will give an introduction to understanding emotions, understanding emotional intelligence (EI) concept, and most importantly give us some strategies to develop our EI skills.
As project managers, we spend nearly ninety percent of our time communicating with project stakeholders and leading project teams. Effective communication, both verbal and written, focus more on how we communicate rather than what we communicate. Most of the time, we may not realize our style of communication may be influencing other emotions – positive and negative. There is no doubt that the people around us influence how we feel and that we influence the emotions of people around us. Given this reality, project managers must develop emotional intelligence skills so that we can be effective and successful in what we do. 
Learning objectives:
  • Understand emotions
  • Understand the emotional intelligence (EI) concept.
  • Learn strategies to develop EI skills.  

Speaker: Jag Nagendra

nagendra-jag-200x200.jpgJag Nagendra is a certified emotional intelligence life coach, project management professional, and change management professional.  He has 30 + years of experience in organizational leadership working for the government, corporate, non-profit, and community-based entities. He has been practicing emotional intelligence skills for over a decade, at work and in his personal life. As a project manager, he has managed multi-million dollar technology projects for public utilities, such as water and wastewater treatment, and power generation facilities. His professional experience spans across fields of engineering, technology, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship, which has provided incredible opportunities to work with diverse groups of professionals needing to apply emotional intelligence skills on a day-to-day basis.

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Date: October 12th, 2022

Hour: 7:30AM to 9:00AM

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