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North LA | Stop Gathering Requirements & Start Building Requirements!


Do you struggle to gather requirements for your project?

While in theory it sounds easy to gather requirements, but as a Business Analyst or as a Project Manager you have experienced the difficulty in capturing requirements. Not being able to get accurate requirements in a timely manner makes you feel that you are being set up to fail! This is a no-win situation, this delays your ability to request for resource, finalize budgets, develop schedules to name a few of the challenges.  

But it does not have to be this way, let me empower you to take control of this process and lead your projects.

First let us understand why getting requirements is a challenge.Then let’s make a paradigm shift on how we gather requirements.

We will learn these three steps:

-Research Requirements

-Facilitate Requirements

-Build Requirements

By the end of the presentation, if you make that paradigm shift, you will Stop Gathering Requirements & Start Building Requirements.


Speaker: Keith Birch