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Strategic Business Management

Success for the Seasoned Search... The Benefit of Being Overqualified

Many seasoned job seekers find themselves being called overqualified because they have more years of experience than the job description calls for. Learn powerful strategies to overcome your interviewer's misconceptions about you. It's impossible to BE overqualified unless YOU believe you ARE overqualified.

Learning Outcome & Objectives:

  • The REAL reason why recruiters AND hiring managers are concerned about hiring overqualified applicants
  • How to change your cover letter and resume if you believe you are overqualified
  • Seven ways to explain on an interview why being overqualified is an advantage
  • How to handle the “age factor”

Mastering Video Interviews

In a perfect world, we’d get feedback after each video interview to let us know how we did. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you said something wrong or forgot to mention something important, you’d know how to do better next time. I’m certain that in this imaginary world, it would only take us a few tries before we’d really WOW a recruiter and get moved on to the next round (and ultimately land a great job).

But, in the world we live in…We don’t know how we really do on video interviews…because we don’t get feedback from recruiters…and without feedback we don’t improve (or improvement is painfully slow). It doesn’t have to be this way!

The best thing you can do is be proactive and learn what really works to WOW recruiters.

Learning Outcome & Objectives:

  • How to choose the best environment and the best lighting in your dwelling
  • Why your choice of clothing can make or break your chances of success
  • Virtual backgrounds – yes, no or maybe so?
  • Topics to avoid at all costs during interview small talk
  • How to use body language to “mirror” your interviewer’s actions

47 Uncommon Ways to Land a Job

Here’s a riddle: Would you rather be ignored by 100 recruiters or catch the attention of just 10 who think you’re brilliant…at the risk of a few thinking that you are a little crazy? Throughout my journey across the US, I’ve collected handfuls of very uncommon strategies people have used to find and land a job. Boy oh boy, some of you have tried some truly ingenious techniques! And now, I’m ready to reveal everything to you in this special class.

Learning Outcome & Objectives:

  • How a job seeker landed a job by decorating her house with Christmas lights
  • How a marketing executive landed a job after spending just $6 on Google ads
  • Why a chocolate resume can get recruiters to call you
  • 3 ways to hobnob with CTOs, CFOs, CEO’s and other C-suite members
  • How to solve problems for companies who don’t know that they have them
  • 3 ways to use social media to generate opportunities you didn’t know existed

About the speaker


Abby Kohut is known in the job search world as Absolutely Abby because she tells the Absolute truth about the job search process. In the past 26 years, Abby has held corporate recruiting positions in a variety of industries and is responsible for helping 10,000 people get hired. Her website AbsolutelyAbby.com, which was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes, teaches candidates the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won't tell you. AbsolutelyAbby.com was mentioned on CNBC as one of three top websites for career changers and CNBC published an article naming Abby as a Top Career Coach and Recruiter. Abby is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine and is known as "Ask Abby" on LinkedIn. Since 2012, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and she drove around the US in an RV in order to accomplish that goal. Her job search adventures were covered by several nationwide TV and radio networks including: Fox 5, Sirius XM, NBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg Radio, LinkedIn, Monster, and The Ladders. Abby employs light hearted humor to help her job seekers understand what they need to learn.


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