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Career Development | Leadership UpLevel Workshop Series #3

Strategic Business Management

Leadership UpLevel Workshop Series

Dive deeper into learning excellent Leadership skills to advance your career growth with Cleber Cuzziol & Ferlicius Ong
Each session will provide Interactive and Intensive coverage of the learning objectives listed below.

Session 1: Risk Management in Leadership for Projects, by Cleber Cuzziol

We will explore the main risks on leading Project teams that can affect the delivery of the objectives - Tools & Techniques, Risks and Opportunities with Case study explanation.

You can walk away with these 3 key takeaways:

  1. Risk identification in Leadership.
  2. Enhance opportunities to stimulate best ideas from the project team.
  3. Techniques to mitigate and avoid risks of lack of engagement from Stakeholders and the project team.

Session 2: The Heart of Communication in Project Management, by Ferlicius Ong

The importance of communication in project management cannot be stressed enough as it is critical to project success. Good communication keeps conflict and confusion from bogging your project down by ensuring key players are aligned on project goals and know exactly what's expected of them. Explore the art of communication of a project manager, where you will learn:  

  1. The Art of Communication in project - How do you convey your message precisely and effectively,
  2. Build Rapport and Connect with intent.
  3. Collaborate efficiently with the people around you, professionally and personally.

About the speakers

Cleber Cuzziol has a B.Sc. in International Relations at Universidade Ibero-Americana, an extension in Business Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a Master’s degree in business economics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, an Extension degree in Project management at UCLA Extension. He has been a Project Risk Manager for more than 15 years, creating and developing Risk Management Projects, concepts, and solutions in companies such as ACE Insurance, JLT Group and Samsung Electronics in Brazil.

Clever is currently the Vice-Chair of the International Trade and Logistics Committee at the Brazil-California Chamber of Commerce. Cleber is the CEO of MV Risk Modeling Solutions, a project risk management consulting company based in Los Angeles and partner of Moraes Velleda Group, from Brazil. Cleber was also MBA professor of Insurance & Risk Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He has previously served as a Director of Programs at the PMI – Los Angeles Chapter.

MV Risk and Moraes Velleda group were awarded as Best Regional Enterprise at the Summit of Leaders, in Oxford-UK 2017 with the Socrates Award, by the respected Europe Business Assembly. Chair of the Summits of the British magazine LatAm Insurance Review in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City. Mr. Cuzziol was a panelist at the GRI Infra Club 2018 in New York City in the panel: Roads – New auctions vs secondary market.

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Ferlicius Ong, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, SSYB, with 20+ years of experience in PM consulting, led geographically distributed and cross-functional teams in corporate America, private, and public sectors. She has brought consumer technology to live, embracing the concept of agility in business, digital business transformation and leadership development.

Ferlicius is also the founder of CRE8VALUE, an author, event producer and director, speaker, project pitcher and corporate trainer. She has conducted 500+ Live events and trained 20,000+ professionals globally. She has previously served as the board member of PMI-LA, as well as event director for transition management group.

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Date: April 24th, 2021

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