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PASADENA | Leadership and Relational Skills


Research conducted by Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center concluded that 85% of job success comes from well-developed soft skills and people skills.

It's no secret and comes to no surprise to hear that patience, kindness, humility, consideration, cooperation, and listening to others were instrumental in job performance and career advancement. What is lesser-known, however, is how to achieve those positive states of being or return to them in the midst of turmoil, disruption, opposition, drama, and hostility. The ability to recover and return to these emotional states in real-time is not an inherited trait nor something carried in our DNA. But rather they are acquired skills. Join us in this exploration of the neurobiology of relational leadership and emotional IQ. Learn the skills that provide the ability to return to peace and joy from negative emotions in 90 seconds or less. Thrive in your business and personal life with the relational skills advantage.

About the Speaker: Byron Parson, PMP

speaker-parson-byron.jpgPresently Byron serves as the senior-most project manager for Health Advocates LLC, working daily with executives, functional area managers, and major stakeholders. Together they establish strategic plans and objectives for individual departments as well as company-wide projects. He is responsible for the management of a portfolio of projects undertaken by the firm.

Additionally, Byron provides ongoing leadership and relational skills training for senior management and their staff.

Byron is a family man, married to his beautiful wife, Lauri, for over 30 years. They reside in Southern California. They have two amazing children, Blake & Nina.


  • 7:30 - 7:45 Networking, and PMI Announcements
  • 7:45 - 8:45 Presentation

Location & Parking


100 W Walnut St

Pasadena, CA 91124



  1. You can enter the Parsons open lot from the far west entrance on Walnut Street.  Take a ticket when you come in. 
  2. Park anywhere on the WEST side of the building in the open parking lot.
  3. When you go through the WEST entrance, there will be a security desk on your right side.

Sign in with this information: Parsons Manager: Kevin Fichtner; Building: A2, Ext: 3172

  1. You will be assigned a temporary badge.  Armstrong conference room is on the first floor on the east side of the lobby.  

Café is Parson’s – right side of lobby as you enter on first floor east side – Coffee, Soda, Snacks available for sale.  

Kevin Fichtner number 626.319.5662 or desk, 626.440.3172

Questions/Suggestions/Volunteer Inquiries

Contact the Pasadena Team at pasadena@pmi-la.org



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It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of activity: Programs

Date: September 19th, 2019

Hour: 7:30AM to 8:45AM

PDUs: 1.0


Members: Free

Non members: Free

Students: Free


Parson's Tower - Armstrong Conference Room

100 West Walnut St

Pasadena, CA, 91124

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