PMI-LA Chapter Bylaws Updated

The Chapter Bylaws is the governing document for PMI-Los Angeles. The last version was approved in 2016. Since January, 2019, a Bylaws Revision Committee consisting of Ida Harding, Barbara Cooke and Maria McHolland have worked with the 2019 BOD to determine needed changes in the document. The revised Bylaws they created have been reviewed and approved by both a California lawyer and by PMI headquarters. In February, 2020, chapter members will be asked to approve the revised Bylaws via an electronic vote.

Summary of Changes:

To briefly summarize the changes, there are three kinds of changes in the revised Bylaws:

  1. Information was reworded and/or re-formatted and typos corrected for readability and improved understanding.
  2. Some information was removed and put into the PMI-LA Policies and Responsibilities Manual.
  3. Several of the titles and job descriptions of the BOD members were changed. Following are the titles of the BOD members in 2020 version:
    • President
    • Vice President of Operations/President-Elect
    • Vice President of Project Management Office (PMO) & Administration
    • Vice President of Finance
    • Vice President of Technology
    • Vice President of Membership
    • Vice President of Marketing & Communications
    • Vice President of Programs
    • Vice President of Career Development

The current bylaws from 2016 and updated bylaws of 2020 can be found and reviewed by clicking on the links below: