President - Dennis Chang

member-chang-dennis.jpgWelcome to PMI-LA - Project Management Institute Los Angeles 2020

It's an exciting time as we start the new decade and unprecedented advancement of the project management profession.

Fifty years ago, the Project Management Institute (PMI) was born. To celebrate, PMI announced the 50 most influential projects. Interestingly, the same year PMI started, the Internet was born from a DARPA project right here in Los Angeles (LA) in the Engineering Halls of the UCLA known globally as the Birthplace of the Internet. Being a Project Manager (PM) in Los Angeles is indeed an honor and privilege. So what do we do to leverage the success of our local history and harness the collected LA creativity? This is where PMI-LA comes in.

PMILA was created by the LA PMs to serve the needs of the LA PMs. At PMI-LA, you have a home as a PM. For a long time, Project Management wasn't viewed as a skilled discipline that warranted respect. In many industries, PM still isn't valued and is often misunderstood. The range of PMs go from a Project Coordinator to Program Manager; a person responsible for coordinating tasks to the top executive accountable for billions of dollars with thousands of staff. With such wide variation in practice, it's understandable that most do not understand the nature of being a PM. The good news is that there are unfathomable possibilities for growth.

Are you new to PM and interested in considering PM as your new profession?

PMI-LA offers opportunities for you to gain knowledge and hands-on experience to add to your resume. Come join us to hear from how other PMILA members have done it.

Are you an experienced PM, seeking to grow further?

PMILA is an avenue for you to gain deeper understanding of an industry or specific skills. Come join us to hear the inside stories about how PM gets done in real practice.

Are you a seasoned PM interested in PM innovation and experimentation?

PMI-LA provides you the sandbox you can't get elsewhere for you to design and hone your ideas. Come join us to brainstorm and participate in new things that have never been done before in PM.

Are you generally interested in doing your work more efficiently and effectively?

PM is the practice of optimizing work. PM skills make anyone any team more productive. Come join us to find out how your work can be done faster with less effort.

PMI-LA is your PM home. LA is a large place so we offer meetings in several locations. Do you want a meeting opportunity near you? Why not volunteer to create one yourself? Be a "Founder of a PMI-LA Chapter Meeting." The best way to get the most out of PMILA is to volunteer.

Join the PMILA family.

Let's have some PM fun together.

Dennis Chang

President of PMI-LA