January 2023

President - Deby Covey

member-covey-deby.jpgAll members – Welcome to 2023! Flashback to 2013 when I was sitting at my computer trying to determine what words would inspire members to come out and support the PMI-LA chapter. Back in 2013 – we had 8 Programs sites all around the Los Angeles area and we gave members time to network and meet peers in various locations and industries. We had impactful Flagship events and I got to meet so many members in person! Since then, Programs and Career Development events established a regular cadence and then 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns occurred and we had to pivot fast.

What did the Covid-19 lockdowns teach us? We can still provide quality Programs and Career Development events virtually and at a lower cost to our membership. Networking was different and challenging, and the fun and social aspects of membership were put on hiatus. However, while some of us are ready to return to pre-COVID events, there are still others of us that COVID impacted negatively in our families, children, and social world which has left us a little wary of meeting in person. Keeping these pandemic challenges in mind, 2023 is our chance to “change the model” and let PMI-LA once again reach out to provide those same services, programs, career development options, networking options, and volunteering opportunities to a much different membership than 2019.

I met with the incoming 2023 board on December 3-4 to discuss our vision and goals for 2023. COVID impacted the chapter in a big way. We were well over 2000 members in 2019 and dropped down to a low of 1687 – and are just now regaining our membership. One of the 2023 goals is to increase our membership back to over 2000 members.

Another goal for this year is to continue refining the lower-cost virtual offerings while committing to a minimum of 4 in-person programs events. I am looking forward to meeting you at these events. If there are other ideas that you as a member feel would help you re-engage with the chapter, please reach out to the board and let us know.

Our third goal for this year is Project Management Impact across Los Angeles. The board agreed that we would like to set up a framework for Project Managers to meet and network and also have an impact on our world by working on projects related to the 17 UN Sustainable Projects. Ideas like helping out with Project Management at Food Banks, Homeless Assistance Pop-Ups, Marginalized Youth programs, and Project Management programs for K-12 to help bring kids back from the years they missed – are all ways we can contribute. If you have an idea that you would like to put forth please send an email to info@pmi-la.org and let us know.

Stay tuned each month for updates on upcoming events, and a short summary on the chapters 2023 initiatives.


Deby Covey, MBA PMP CSM

PMI-LA 2023 President

E-mail: president@pmi-la.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deby-covey-mba-pmp-csm-539288/