The PMI LIMC 2020 group is partnering with an organization called Cradles to Crayons; specifically Cradles to Crayons Philadelphia who help children from the birth to age of 12 who are impacted by poverty.  
32 PMI world-wide volunteers that are a part of the PMI Leadership Institute Master Class 2020 will be giving their time at the factory in Philly to package goods and items for impacted children.  As a group, these PMI volunteers have also just launched a fundraiser page which will run from now until December 2020.  
PMI-LA is represented in the LIMC 2020 group and as a part of the chapter "giving back philosophy for a cause", the chapter is requesting anyone interested in giving to lend a hand in helping the children in need. Any donation will make their lives better and help them become responsible citizens.  
Please check out the link below for your donation: