Project Leadership Program (120-PLP)

120VC | January 22 to April 29

  • 14 Weeks of Online Instructor-Led Training)
  • 30 PDU’s (9 – Leadership, 12 - Technical Project Management, 9 - Strategic and Business Management)
  • REP# 3494

Price: $2,500


Course Description:

The 120VC Project Leadership Course is different. Unlike other training on Leadership, Project, Product, and Change Management, this course is taught by a team that delivers global transformational projects for their clients.

120VC delivered Trader Joe’s nationwide merchant processing system upgrade. They did it in 6 months with zero downtime. Visa called it a flawless implementation in record time.

“I highly recommend 120VC. They are a firm with a strong methodology, a proven track record of success at Trader Joe’s Company, and a group with the requisite know-how and emotional intelligence to deliver mission-critical projects.” – Ron Glickman, Chief Information Officer Trader Joe’s Company

120VC just completed a Cloud Transformation for Sony Pictures. They took their complete IT environment to the cloud in 9 months with no service disruption. That’s over 240 applications and 900 environments.

And, they recently implemented Okta’s single sign-on identity management tool in all T-Mobile retail locations. That’s over 40k users with no service disruption.

If compared to a study by McKinsey that found on average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time while delivering 56% less value than predicted, we are completing projects with 100% better results than the average.

120VC isn’t teaching theory and vocabulary. They are teaching people how to be leaders that Get Sh*t Done. They send 120VC team members through this program to learn their proven approach to delivering global transformation projects. The other guys are teaching what they think works; 120VC is teaching what they have proven works!

This online program combines weekly assignments, online learning community interaction/networking, and bi-weekly instructor-led classes; the combination of reading, sharing ideas, critical thinking, & lecture, reinforces learning and enables students to execute upon best practices.

There are two weeks of assignments and learning community interaction between each online instructor-led class. Assignments should take 2 – 3 hours per week. There is a total of 8 two hour instructor-led classes, the entire program is 14 weeks.




The PMI LIMC 2020 group is partnering with an organization called Cradles to Crayons; specifically Cradles to Crayons Philadelphia who help children from the birth to age of 12 who are impacted by poverty.  
32 PMI world-wide volunteers that are a part of the PMI Leadership Institute Master Class 2020 will be giving their time at the factory in Philly to package goods and items for impacted children.  As a group, these PMI volunteers have also just launched a fundraiser page which will run from now until December 2020.  
PMI-LA is represented in the LIMC 2020 group and as a part of the chapter "giving back philosophy for a cause", the chapter is requesting anyone interested in giving to lend a hand in helping the children in need. Any donation will make their lives better and help them become responsible citizens.  
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