Volunteer Recognition Awards 2021

At the end of each year, we hold a (virtual) celebration to thank all our volunteers for their service to the LA Chapter. We also give out awards to honor individuals and teams that have made a significant positive impact on the Chapter. This year the awards go to:  


Individual Volunteer Award – Lindiwe Stenberg


Lindiwe has volunteered with the Chapter since 2019 and this year she essentially covered 3 roles. She continued with her role as AVP of Marketing, providing leadership for the team and keeping them on track and constantly moving forward. She also provided fresh insight with her knowledge of social media platforms to help with the launch of Instagram, and organic growth of our existing platforms. In addition, Lindiwe has helped other functional areas (Admin and President) and still supports the Board of Directors by taking notes at their meetings. She has been an anchor keeping the Chapter running!

Congratulations Lindiwe and thank you for going above and beyond to support the Chapter.


Team Volunteer Award – Diane Gloor, Lindiwe Stenberg, Mark Yagher, Gary Fayman



Marketing Social Media Team for Instagram Implementation

Diane, Lindiwe, Mark and Gary worked as a team to launch Instagram as the newest social media platform for the LA Chapter in less than six months.  This is our 5th social media channel, and we have gone from zero to 193 followers in 8 months, which makes it our fastest growing channel!

Due to the COVID challenges, the team had to be more creative with the launch as in-person events were not an option. They launched the platform in April, and it includes videos, chapter branded cards, and exciting new content to showcase our events.

Diane took on the role of team lead and researched other PMI Chapters for best practices to help set the policy for Instagram. It was an energetic and dynamic team that used agile techniques. And while researching Instagram they added in LinkedIn Meetings & Facebook Meetings – broadening the Chapters reach to members and non-members alike.

Great job Diane, Lindiwe, Mark and Gary for making a significant impact to the LA Chapter!


Special President’s Award – Deby Covey

VP of Marketing


I do not think that Deby needs an introduction. If you have been with the chapter for a while and even if you are new member or volunteer, you probably know Deby. Deby is an experienced leader and volunteer for the chapter, who is always ready and willing to help. She has been in various volunteer leadership positions for many years. Since 2006 she has been a VP of Finance, Region 7 Mentor, VP of Marketing, and many other volunteer roles.  She knows the ins and outs of the chapter operations and what makes the chapter so vibrant and active.

I am so grateful for her enthusiasm to make the chapter better, for her commitment to volunteering her time and sharing the knowledge, and for her readiness to help every new member, every volunteer, and every member of the board with resolving the issues and get the new initiatives off the ground.

This award is my great appreciation for all her hard work on behave of the chapter!