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Monterey Park Flagship Meeting Recap

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In the spirit of changing up the location of our Flagship meetings, we had our September 12th Flagship meeting in Monterey Park at the famous NBC Seafood Restaurant.  It gave our fellow chapter members who live in this part of town a much easier drive, and for those who don’t, the adventure of traveling the many freeways in our beautiful city! 

NBC Seafood Restaurant is a well-known area Chinese restaurant which serves a huge array of dishes family-style in an enormous dining room.  It is famous for the over 50 types of Dim Sum they serve every day.  I found a few videos on YouTube documenting their DimSum experiences!  They also have a live water tank with fresh crab and lobster. Impressive - this was not the usual Courtyard Marriott Flagship meal!

We had an equally impressive presentation, titled How To Cultivate A Culture Of Accountability That Sticks, given by Neloo Naderi and Ellie Shoja of the PEACE UNLEASHED company.  They introduced a key concept that “To achieve success at anything in life, one must commit to demonstrating integrity”.  This concept is also true in relation to Project Management and the successes of a project team. 

But the relationship of commitment and integrity of each person can fall within a matrix, i.e. someone can have high integrity but low commitment and lacks follow-through.  Neloo and Ellie took us through some exercises explaining the Integrity/Commitment Matrix and how it can help identify your own position and those of your team members/coworkers within this matrix.  Creating this culture of Integrity means that the tasks every team member commits to will be done, thus creating accountability across the team.  But integrity must be developed and modeled by the leaders/management.  This definitely made all of us think of our teams we work on and with.  This concept is supported by several published studies. 

Click here to see the presentation.

Shut off That Monkey Brain Challenge

Neloo and Ellie also told us about a 5-day challenge called Shut Off That Monkey Brain Challenge.  The challenge will help each of us access CLARITY, be more PRODUCTIVE, and have PEACE OF MIND!   If you would like to know more, please visit our Sister Chapter and Joint Chapter Events page!


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