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Career Development | Taking Control for Successful Project Delivery

Leadership = Power Skills

Taking Control for Successful Project Delivery

Question: How many hats does a Project Manager wear? Answer: As many that you can fit on their head!

But in reality that’s not how successful projects should be run because wearing many hats shows a lack of control. Attend this workshop to learn project management best practices. This is an ideal workshop for novice to experienced project managers intent on leading and delivering successful projects.

The premise of delivering a project is rather simple. Everyone; does what they say they will do, puts project success over personal ego or politics, delivers on their deadlines, requirements, schedules, budgets  do not change, there are no resource constraints, and the list goes on. The previously mentioned goals work well in a sterile environment or in theory! Join this workshop for real-world answers to real-world problems and issues that can arise in a project.

This real world workshop will examine how you master these different skills. Your presenter, Keith Birch, is not just a speaker, but also, a practitioner. He has walked in your shoes and has experienced your project management challenges and frustrations. In this course he will empower you with practical knowledge and techniques that will allow you to gain control and deliver your projects effectively. He will focus on how you can step up and take control of your projects moving forward!

Learning Outcome & Objectives

The class will focus on the top three areas that you should know and practice. Mastering these skills will give you the foundation for success.

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Communication Strategies


Keith-Birch.jpgKeith Birch is a proven leader with 19 years' experience as an IT Project Manager/Change Manager/Process Improvement Manager. He draws upon his experience working for Fortune 500 companies in Healthcare, Banking and Hospitality. From building health plans from the ground up, to leading international expansion efforts for a major hospitality chain to leading a worldwide change initiative for a major financial institution, he brings practical and proven techniques that work in real life situations.  He has accomplished this while working with a virtual team, geographically distributed colleagues and has managed to successfully deliver outstanding results. He Is presently consulting for the top research hospital in the nation. He draws upon his experience, success, and failures to help share a better way to Manage Project.  He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with his peers and colleagues. Keith is an agile coach, trainer, speaker, storyteller, and an aspiring scratch golfer!   


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Date: June 25th, 2022

Hour: 9:00AM to 12:00PM

PDUs: 3


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