Mentoring Program

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.“ - John C. Crosby

The PMI-LA Mentoring Program's purpose is to help create meaningful and rewarding professional relationships through mentoring,  based on mutual respect, non-judgmental attitude, openness and trust. These relationships involve a more experienced and skilled professional, the mentor, who is facilitating the professional and personal development of the mentee by sharing adequate knowledge and by giving advice.

To sign up for this program as a mentor or as a mentee, or if you just want to ask any questions, please use Mentoring Program Sign-Up Form to get in touch. Remember, you must be a paid member of both PMI and the PMI-LA Chapter in order to participate in this fantastic program, however being PMP certified is not a requirement.


The PMI-LA Chapter Mentoring Program was created to facilitate the development and enhancement of project management competencies for the Chapter members. The goal of the program is intended to provide Chapter members with the opportunity to both share experiences and develop project management skills in a chosen area or industry. A pilot mentoring program followed by a successful full scale program in 2010 led to continued interest from the PMI-LA Chapter members. The Chapter is pleased to offer this mentoring opportunity as a permanent program to Chapter members.


The mentor program, open only to Chapter members, has been designed to provide one-on-one mentoring to mentees who want to develop specific project management skills and/or achieve specific career goals and is completely voluntary. Please note that this program is not meant as a prep course for the PMP exam. If you are looking for the PMI-LA PMP Prep Workshop, please visit our Professional Development page.


As part of the program, mentors (experienced, successful and knowledgeable project management professionals, willing to accept the responsibility for facilitating professional growth and support of a colleague) and mentees (individuals seeking professional growth in Project Management) will be matched in one-on-one mentoring relationships.


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