MULTI-CHAPTER MEETING | Navigating the Digital Landscape: Facilitating Seamless Collaboration Tool Adoption

Leadership = Power Skills

Is your team trapped in email overload?  Do you suffer at the reply-all on conversations that long passed on, yet attachments galore are ensnared in unidentified email threads?  Join Jamie Champagne for an interactive learning experience that transcends software specifics and dives deep into the art of facilitation and change management. In this session, we'll explore the essential skills and strategies leaders need to empower their teams in harnessing collaboration tools effectively, irrespective of the software they choose.

🌐 Digital Collaboration Unleashed:

  • Embark on a journey where we go beyond the surface of software functionalities and focus on the facilitation techniques that truly drive collaboration success. We'll delve into the core principles of effective communication, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, and creating an environment where teams can thrive in the digital space.

🔄 Change Management in the Fast Lane:

  • The digital landscape is in a constant state of flux, and successful leaders are those who can navigate change with agility. Learn how to champion change within your organization by understanding the psychology of transformation, crafting compelling narratives, and implementing change management strategies that resonate with your team.

🛠️ Tool-Agnostic Excellence:

  • Whether your team swears by Slack, Teams, or any other collaboration tool, this session is not about the buttons and features—it's about maximizing the potential of these tools through effective leadership. Discover universal principles that transcend software boundaries, allowing you to adapt seamlessly to the tools your team chooses.

Learning Objectives: In this webinar participants will learn:

🔍 Key Takeaways:

  • Master the art of facilitation in a digital context.
  • Implement change management strategies tailored to the fast-paced digital world.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration that goes beyond specific tools.
  • Equip yourself with leadership skills to navigate the evolving digital landscape.

🚀 Who Should Attend:

Project managers, team leads, those finding themselves in leadership roles and anyone aspiring to lead effectively in a digital environment should join us in the fun, hands-on interactive session to experience the feeling of digital collaboration and how to help others get there. If you're passionate about enhancing collaboration within your team and adapting to the ever-changing digital toolscape, this session is tailor-made for you.

Join Jamie Champagne as we unravel the secrets of digital collaboration success. Let's empower your team to thrive in the digital era!

Speaker: Jamie Champagne


Do you ever wish you could be more productive in a day? Do you dream of providing solutions that delight your customers? Or even do you wish the project you’re working on actually finished as a “success?” Jamie Champagne is truly beyond her "passionate BA" title as she embodies business analysis and embraces the driving motivation of adding value to those around her every day. You know you need more than simple analysis worksheets and task tracking lists, and Jamie strives to deliver this through her experience not only in her business analysis career, but in her passion for process improvement, love of project and change management, and desire to be more productive in working with the current and future leaders of tomorrow. She is an accomplished author with her book Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis, 2nd edition, and published courses on LinkedIn and Pluralsight. She’ll help you build excitement in those technology projects and enjoyment in your facilitation sessions so that you are delivering not only valued requirements, but also solutions that continue to succeed well after your work is done. And, when she's not collaborating with her business partners, you can find her collaborating with her friends and family on the Hawaiian waters on a surfboard.


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