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Career Development | Leadership UpLevel Workshop Series #2

Strategic Business Management


Leadership UpLevel Workshop Series

Dive deeper into learning excellent Leadership skills to advance your career growth with John Lomas, Keith Birch & Ferlicius Ong
Each session will provide Interactive and Intensive coverage of the learning objectives listed below.

Session 1: How 2 Get More, by John Lomas

John's 'How 2 Get More' presentation is designed to empower individuals by sharing simple, proven techniques that participants can apply in their own life to help them to live their life by design, and not by default.

The outcomes that participants will experience include:

  • Improving how they are perceived and received by themselves, as well as, by their friends, family, colleagues, and strangers.
  • Establishing what their 'Ideal Work Day' would look like for them and techniques that will allow them to start living their 'Ideal Work Day', and ultimately, How 2 Get More in their lives.

1) The ability to take control of how they are perceived and received by themselves, as well as, by others, resulting in an increase in confidence, comfort, security, and respect.

2) The ability to start living their 'Ideal Work Day', by attracting the right customers, clients, employers, projects, and income.

3) The ability to start to achieve the things that they want in their career and in their life, using a powerful and proven technique.

Session 2: Climbing up the rung- Being successful in Change Management, by Keith Birch

Leading and implementing Change is fraught with many challenges. There are so many moving parts, so many small details that can snowball into something much larger, aligning people, synchronizing technology, vendor and resources coordination, the list goes on and on.

Let me walk you three areas that you need to keep close attention and focus on to implement change and ensure that you meet your objectives, while keeping morale up and resistance low. 

You will learn.

1) Using the right ladder.

2) Communication Audit Review

3) Data Driven Decision  

Learn from a practical hands-on leader, simple and effective steps that will bring you immediate results on any project.

Session 3: PM + EQ, by Ferlicius Ong

We deal with people all day, every day as project managers/ leaders. We rely on people and team to get the job done. In this session, we will explore further how we can apply Emotional Intelligence in different project management knowledge areas, as well as the techniques and resources to develop further.

About the speakers

John Lomas is an author, speaker and Success Enabler for individuals and businesses. John got his start as a Consultant in the field of Project Management in 2007 when he formed his own Consulting Company, working in partnership with ASL InfoTech inc.

Initially the Company focused on projects for large utility providers in the greater Toronto area, before expanding their business into engineering projects for manufacturing businesses, internationally.

John found his true passion in his spare time while intensely studying the practices, habits and procedures used by some of the most successful people in the world. After several years of applying these principles in his own life and experiencing the benefits, he decided to incorporate them in his business consulting practices.

John went on to develop success training and leadership development programs that he implemented with clients in the wealth management industry and the manufacturing industry, while also working with individuals. John's most recent training program, How 2 Get More, is transforming lives around the world and empowering people to Get More of what they want in life.

Connect with John Lomas on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-lomas-43050a3/


Keith Birch is a proven leader with 20 years' experience as an IT Project Manager/Change Manager/Process Improvement Manager. As a Change Manager, he has delivered successful international Change Management initiatives to hosts of Fortune 500 Companies. From Healthcare, Banking and Hospitality, while working with a global team with geographically distributed colleagues, he has managed to successfully deliver the change. 

As the Change Manager he worked as a coach for senior leaders and executives in helping them fulfill the role of change sponsor. He created & implemented change management strategies and plans that maximize employee adoption and usage, which minimized resistance. This led to increased benefit realization, value creation, ROI and he achieved the desired results and outcomes on a global change management project. Let me help you demystify how to manage a successful change management initiative.

Keith is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with his peers and colleagues. He is a Trustee with the PMI Los Angeles Chapter, an Agile Coach, trainer, speaker, storyteller and an aspiring scratch golfer!

Connect with Keith Birch on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithbirchpm/


Ferlicius Ong, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, SSYB, with 20+ years of experience in PM consulting, led geographically distributed and cross-functional teams in corporate America, private, and public sectors. She has brought consumer technology to live, embracing the concept of agility in business, digital business transformation and leadership development.

Ferlicius is also the founder of CRE8VALUE, an author, event producer and director, speaker, project pitcher and corporate trainer. She has conducted 500+ Live events and trained 20,000+ professionals globally.

Connect with Ferlicius Ong on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ferlicius/



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