1. We start by gathering information from all the potential mentors and mentees. Then, during our kickoff meeting, all the mentors and mentees will get a few minutes to speak with each other. At that time we will try to match as many mentoring pairs as possible based on everyone's preferences. If we can't make a match by preference or for those who are unable to attend the meeting, we'll match people based on location, verticals, and whatever other information we may have about the individuals.
  2. Over the course of the session (about 5 months) each pair will work on whatever they decide is relevant.  For some people this is about getting through a particular project at work, others have a certain area they want to work on (soft skills, time management, etc.), some people work on navigating the politics of an organization, and still others work on career guidance through the program. We don't want to tell anyone that they must do X, Y and/or Z during the program. We want each pair to individualize what they want to cover while they are together.
  3. It is anticipated that pairs would meet at least a couple of times a month with at least one in person meeting per month. But again, the frequency of meetings is entirely up to the pair. Some people meet weekly while others meet less often.
  4. We encourage pairs to keep in touch in a less formal way at the end of the program. Just because we've completed a session, doesn't mean that a mentoring pair can't continue to stay in touch if they so desire.

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